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What Does Foundation Damage Really Mean?

by Duckworth Gutters on 03/15/19

You have heard about the risk of damage to your foundation due to lack of gutters. But what can that really look like for you as a home owner? 


It helps to first consider what gutters do for your home. The purpose of gutters are to route water from your roof away from your home. In order for them to work properly, they must be free of debris. Scheduling regular cleanings of your gutters can be costly and doing it on your own can be dangerous. Gutter covers eliminate your need of gutter cleanings and when installed by Duckworth Gutters, are guaranteed for life. If you are interested in hearing more about gutter covers, contact us


What happens when water falls directly into your foundation?

Without properly installed gutters, the water from rain that runs off your roof falls directly into your foundation. Over time, the water can cause many issues including:


·     Water damage to your foundationNon-structuralwater damage refers to water seeping in small holes into the basement. Left untreated, it can lead to mold and mildew buildup resulting in costly repairs and an unsafe place for your family and pets to live. Structural water damage is another result of untreated “non-structural” water damage. When this happens, your entire home can shift and sink under its own weight resulting in extensive repairs.


·     Bugs and insects infiltrating your home. Another by-product of water damage can include insect infiltration. When water damages the foundation, it creates holes that allow bugs to get inside. The standing water also attracts water-loving bugs such as cockroaches and silversides. Both of which can be huge nuisances and cause further damage. 


If you suspect water damage has already affected your foundation, call a professional immediately. The next step is to call Duckworth Gutters (678-773-3721). We will come out, give you a free estimate and properly install gutters to keep this from ever happening again. 

A Gutter System Breakdown

by Duckworth Gutters on 07/08/18

Gutters. We know we need them, and most of us have them. But do you know what you’re paying for? Do you know how they work? Here’s a quick breakdown of the ins and outs of your gutters system: 


The downspout is an important part of the gutter system. It is the vertical attachment that transports rain water from the gutter, down and away from your home’s foundation. The water then goes into the splash block which funnels the water away from your home.



The elbow to a gutter is similar in shape to the elbow in your arm when it’s bent. It allows for rain water to run seamlessly from the gutter to the downspout. 



Is a horizontal, straight board that runs along the lower edge of the roof. It is fixed directly to the lower ends of the roof trusses and rafters. Fasciatypically supports the lower edge of the tiles. In many cases, it holds the rain gutters as well. The fascia and soffit work to complement your rafters and provide energy efficiency for your home. 


Splash block 

Rain water flowing from your downspout is running much faster and in larger quantities than rain drops on your roof. A splash blockhelps to interrupt the speed and amount and flow at a slower and more controlled rate into your yard. It keeps the rain water from spitting out at the base of your home and deteriorating your foundation. 


To learn more about the importance of your gutters, read “Why do I need Gutters?”


Would you like a free quote? Contact us or call at 678-773-3721. We look forward to working with you. 

Meet Josh Duckworth: Duckworth Gutter's Crew Manager

by Duckworth Gutters on 04/03/18

Josh has been in the gutter business with his dad for over 10 years. As the son of Scott Duckworth, he has been trained by the best and is now an expert. His favorite part of the job is the opportunity to meet clients and leave them with smiles after a job well done. He truly has a passion for working in the gutter industry and enjoys running Duckworth Gutters with his father.

Josh simply enjoys installing gutters. It allows him to work outside, start a new job every day and gives him the opportunity to work with neighbors in the Atlanta area. Josh goes on to say he loves every part of the job, but there are certain heights that are just too* high. He states, "Heights excite me; most of the time".

When not at work, Josh enjoys going to the river near his home, hunting, fishing, and spending time with his family and friends. He has a chocolate lab, Remington, and a dachshund, Tucker. Josh is engaged to the love of his life, Amber. They are to be married in August 2018.

If you are ready to start upgrading or replacing your gutter system, Contact the specialists at Duckworth Gutters or, give us a call at 678-773-3721. We are here to help. 

What is Fascia Board and why does it matter?

by Duckworth Gutters on 03/03/18

We know when we need new or replaced gutters. When it rains, it pours and your yard and foundation pay the price – not much hiding from you there. What you may not be aware of is the extent of damage to your fascia and soffit boards.

 What is it, why should I care?

 Fascia is part of your roofing system that is used to create a barrier between the outside and the edge of the roof. Fascia can typically be seen from the street level. The finished surface below the fascia and rafters is referred to as the soffit or eave.

 Fascia and soffit are typically made out of wood materials. This means they can rot. Now, what does that have to do with Gutters, you may as? Typically, gutters are mounted to your Fascia board. So, while you know you need new gutters, the surprise may come when they come off your home and beneath it is rotten fascia and/or soffit.

What does this mean?

When your fascia and/or soffit are rotten, they no longer provide a stable base for gutters. They also pose a risk for mold and mildew that can spread down the side of your home, and pose a risk for potential roof leaks.

How can we help?

When Duckworth Gutters comes out for a gutter installation job, they come fully prepared to replace fascia and soffit where needed, thus ensuring a secure, job-well-done.

How does it all work together? 

Fascia Board Example

How To Choose The Right Gutters For Your Home

by Duckworth Gutters on 01/27/18

It’s true, the average home owner doesn’t think, “YAY! I need new Gutters!”, when renovating or staying on top of home "up-keep". In fact, it can be very stressful. The truth is, it doesn't have to be! Duckworth Gutters can help fit it in that “Yay” category., at least where gutters and gutter covers are concerned. Not only can gutters can give a fresh new look to your home, but properly installed gutters can aid in extending the life of your roof and keep the condition of your foundation in top shape.

How do you choose the right gutter for your home? There are differences in material, style, and color. For residential homes, good choices of material include Copper and Aluminum. Unlike the original use of steel gutters, copper and aluminum never rust. In addition to never rusting, choosing to include gutter covers with your full installment will keep your gutters clear and running “healthy” for life. 

Seamless Copper Gutters look best on brick or stone homes but with the right touch of paint on the walls, could go with any home. The professionals at Duckworth Gutters can help you decide if Copper Gutters are right for your home. Here are a few key benefits to choosing Copper: 

  • Durability – Copper gutters will last the test of time in any climate – from subzero to blazing hot. They will never rust and will last for decades.
  • Unique – copper gutters provide instant interest and appeal. It is important to note that copper gutters will form a coat of patina over time through oxidation but this adds a whole new rustic and vintage look to your home.
  • Copper gutters are low maintenance – especially when installed with Leafree gutter covers.  

Seamless Aluminum Gutters look great on every home and come in almost every color you could imagine.  Here are a few benefits to seamless aluminum gutters:

  • Seamless gutters are low maintenance. Gutters with joints are more prone to debris clogs.
  • Leak Free – seamless gutters offer a leak free system with fasteners and joints only located in the corners and downspouts.
  • Variety – everyone loves variety. Aluminum gutters come in a multitude of colors that are baked on so you never have to worry about paint chipping.
  • Custom – all seamless gutters are made specifically for your home down to the inch. With professional installation, these gutters provide the best possible protection for your home from the many damages caused by water.


If you are looking to install new gutters for your home, you’re in luck! For the first time ever, Duckworth Gutters is offering a limited special offer for full gutter installations. See details below. If you are ready, give Scott at Duckworth Gutters a call at 678-773-3721.